Our vision is to develop through sound education, God fearing and exemplary tomorrow’s leaders to enable them reach elevated levels of personal and professional success that will help them thrive in the world and again to impact qualitative service to humanity and the nation in general as future builder.


Our mission is to package excellence and qualitative education in a serene world-class teaching, learning and living environment. As a school committed to excellence our mission is to provide a change for a positive transformation of the world around us. We therefore, educate and inspire our students to be responsible, productive and ethical world citizens with the skills and passion to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously by instilling desire for knowledge in each student. These are not done by not just ordinary teachers but our team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who are gardeners whose duties are to sow and water the seed of greatness in the future leaders entrusted in their care and to weed ou the habits that will hinder them from achieving their full potentials.


Our logo has been designed to portray our belief. It comprises circle, flower and book, the cycle which symbolizes all round learning process that portrays advancement of science and humanity while the flower symbolizes the love of God which reveals our Christian convictions and source upon which our teaching and principles are anchored. The book portrays glory, wisdom and knowledge that make you stand out in the world and say bye to intimidation and illiteracy life.