Caray College International has a world class boarding (physically separated facilities for both gender with a goal for making it a home away from home) The female and male hostels are fully are-conditioned with school beds, ward robes. The have standard bath rooms and toilets with active water heater(mixer), T.V with cables for education programs, there are two rooms built in different common rooms with air conditioned apartment for the matron and patrons to ensure that proper supervisions are in place. Students box rooms are not left out. There is proper light, constant water, and generator to supply power for the students.

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Pastorial Care

As part of our mission, the spiritual welfare of our students is given a serious attention, we have weekly programs for them which include everyday moral instructions during morning assembly, Thursdays moral devotion, Saturday sing song night, before Sunday service, Sunday school and main exhibition. Sometimes, special programs are held for them whenever the need arises especially during last Friday of the month, plus Sunday service in the evening, we have scriptural union fellowship.

Boarding Security

The school is put in under protection of all mighty God and physically has put in place adequate arrangement for the security of our school during and after school. Our gate is manned by trained security officers by Trust link ventures ltd. Students are not allowed to go out of the school without an exit card. The school compound is securely kept in the night by our security officers. In addition, the school has also secured the services of members of Nigerian Police Force who team up with school security officers to provide secured environment for our boarding students, teachers and principals.


As Caray is a home away from home; it is our belief that good health is a component of a sound mind. Part of the activities of a home away from home is to provide our students with rich and nourishable meals.


The sick bay in the school is managed by a medical doctor and a professional nurse. Minor illness is handled by the nurse while the major cases are directed to the Doctor on call. At times, urgent medical attentions are referred to FMC Umuahia. Parents are also allowed to take their children for further medical treatment in any other hospital of their choice when the need arises.

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