Academic System

Our system is divided into two modules: Junior Secondary school and Senior Secondary School. The school runs a session from September to July and each session is divided into three terms.

First term starts September to December, second term starts January to March/April and third term starts May to July. In Caray, Curriculum is structured in accordance with the educational system of the Federal Ministry of Education along with the state curriculum.

Junior Secondary School is made up of students from JSS 1 to JSS3 between the ages to 10 to 13, these students are exposed to wide range of subjects in a way to make them versatile, and enable them to choose their career paths at the Junior Level. Therefore, subjects offered at this level are: English Language, Literature, Igbo Language, Social Studies, Business Studies, Home Economics, Cultural and Creative Arts(CCA), Christian Religious Studies(CRS), Civic Education, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Computer Science, Data Processing, Agricultural Science and French.

Senior Secondary School: At this level, students have a choice to separate into any of the three major areas of study offered, namely: The Science, Humanities or Commerce.
In the senior secondary school level these are the subjects offered: English Language, Literature in English, Igbo Language, French language, Civic Education, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Agricultural Science, Geography, Christian Religious Studies, Government, Economics, Data Processing, Food and Nutrition. The SS1 Students offer all the 18 subjects while the SS2 students offer 12 subjects, the SS3 students narrow down to 8 or 9 subjects according to their field of study (either science or Arts).